Blonde Specialist x hard water expert

I Help Blondes Achieve Healthy Hair X Color Longevity Through Hard Water Expertise And Low-Maintenance Blonding Techniques

Located in West Omaha, NE

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Ready to make damage and brass a thing of the past?

End the cycle of undesirable outcomes.

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911 Hair Emergency

Whether you had a bad experience or forgot to schedule your color for an upcoming event, I can help!

Boujee Babe Prep

Hair detox x restorative treatment only

Drastically improve your scalp and hair health with my exclusive detox session. Experience the transformative power of a single session as we deeply cleanse and replenish essential nutrients in your hair, providing the perfect foundation for color.

Boujee Babe Method

Hair Detox x low maintenance blonde

Boujee Babe Prep and Low-Maintenance Blonde makes the perfect duo. It's a 2 step framework that improves your overall scalp and hair health while maximizing the longevity of your color,

coming soon

detox only

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 I ventured into this niche out of a deep passion for helping blondes maximize their hair's potential and navigate the unique challenges associated with hard water.

It empowers me to skillfully lead my guests toward achieving the ultimate hair transformation in the salon and at home.

Together, we can ensure your hair is not just surviving but truly thriving. 

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