Are you struggling with

Are you struggling with 

Minerals, metals, and products build up on our hair, causing damage to our scalp and hair health, making our blonde brassy, and affecting the outcome of our color services in the salon.


Help me!

The struggle is real but so is the solution

Drastically improve your scalp and hair health with my exclusive detox session. Experience the transformative power of a single session as we deeply cleanse and replenish essential nutrients in your hair, providing the perfect foundation for color.

Who is it for?

The Boujee Babe Prep is an excellent experience for anyone living in a hard water area who wants to improve their scalp and hair health, color longevity, and/or receive blonding services.

New Guests are required to receive this service before a blonding session.

That's me!

What You Get

Two Detoxs

Since we're tackling years of build up, the Boujee Babe Prep includes two detox treatments.

While you process enjoy a drink, snack, and my famous massage chair (a Boujee Babe fav).

two Restoritive Treatments

You will receive a protein treatment that repairs your hair’s original strength to 91% and elasticity to 94% in just one treatment and finish with a hydrating treatment paired with warm steam to replenish the moisture in your hair. 

the results

Your true color and hair health will be revealed once the build-up is removed. I will guide you on your next steps, and together, we will personalize your hair success plan based on what your hair actually needs.

Don x rich collective difference

How Is My Detox Process Different Than Other Salons?

Most professional "detox" treatments only neutralize the metals found in your hair. While these treatments prevent a chemical reaction, it doesn't remove the metals, minerals, or product build up in the hair.

Through extensive research and having experience working with various levels of build-up severity, I found the perfect product (removes all build up) and innovated a process that gives my clients instant results.



Boujee Babe Prep | New Guest $150
Maintenance | Established Guest $40
Recommended Maintenance: Every 3 months


Boujee Babe Prep | New Guest $190
Maintenance | Established Guest $60
Recommended Maintenance: Every 3 months

Add ons

Haircut $50

*My low maintenance blonding sessions include a haircut. This would be a great add on if you aren't booking a blonding session.

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How does this sound?

The results you're going to get:


Improve your overall scalp and hair health.


Removes brass and discoloration. 


Answers to your hair struggles by revealing the health and color of your hair that was previously hiding under the build up.


Your color lasts longer, saving you money and extra trips to the salon.


Your shampoo will lather, and you can clean your hair and scalp at home.

Can I book the Boujee Babe Prep if I'm not booking color?

Absolutely! Book a consult. I would love to help you improve your hair and scalp health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the maintenance?

I recommend a maintenance detox every three months. The maintenance detox ranges from $40-$60 without a blow dry (blow dry is included if booked with a blonding session). You can add on a blow dry for $40 or leave wet.

What's the difference between medium-density and high-density packages?

The medium-density is for humans with a fine to average amount of hair and length stopping at the armpits or above.

The high-density is for humans with lots of hair and/or hair longer than armpits.

How far are you booked out?

Typically, I'm booked out for two weeks. Need to get in sooner? Check out my Hair Emergency session.

How long can I expect to be at the salon?

The Boujee Babe Prep is 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the severity of the build up and the amount of hair you have.

What are your hours?

Tuesday - Friday 10-6
The last Boujee Babe Prep begins at 4:00.

Need to get work done?
I provide a quiet environment, desk, and wifi if needed to get work done.

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